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Governing Documents

Phase IV

Recorded Plat IV-A

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IV-B Proposed Plat

1023.28 KB pdf


Tree & Topographic Survey IV & IV-A

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Tree & Topographic Survey IV-B

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Declaration Of Covenants

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Amended Declaration of Covenants

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Amended Rules & Regulations

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Oaks POA Mgr Cert

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Combined Plats IV, IV-A, IV-B

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Phases I & II

Phases I & II Declaration Of Covenants

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Phases I & II Bylaws

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Phases I & II Mgr. Certificate

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Oaks of Windcrest’s covenants are written to protect your investment now and for years to come. Most rural developments have minimum restrictions that only address the bare essentials. Our restrictions serve as a guideline to:

  • Protect and enhance your property values, now and in the future
  • Control development to protect the Texas Hill Country character while complementing the natural environment
  • Protect your privacy
  • Offer a channel in which to develop your property with an established aesthetic vision, yet give you the freedom to enjoy your property as you desire

All construction, use and development on your property will be reviewed by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) to verify if your desires are in compliance with the restrictions. Please allow a minimum of three weeks for ACC approval. Construction may not begin until you have approval from the ACC and building permits from the City of Fredericksburg. Every purchaser in Oaks of Windcrest will automatically become a member of the Oaks of Windcrest Homeowners’ Association; and in addition be subject to the terms and provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the Association. The general purpose and function of the Association shall be to preserve the values and amenities of the development and supervise its continued orderly development and administration.

More Information

Please contact us for additional information or if you have problems with construction activity in the vicinity of your home site. Builders and contractors in Oaks of Windcrest are expected to keep their jobsites tidy and they are not permitted to access, park or store materials, or allow debris to accumulate on adjacent properties.